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To help you find quickly what you are looking for, we have put together the most important search options for you. Below you will find instructions on how to find a stamp model, how to find the right replacement material for your existing stamp model, how to find a stamp model by width x height or simply search by keywords.

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Guidance for search input

Search for a stamp model

If you are looking for a specific stamp model, enter the name of the stamp you are looking for as accurately as possible in the 'Find Stamp Model' section above, so that our system can give you the best suggestions.

Please note that we have Trodat and Colop stamps on offer. Each of these stamp models has a model number. For example, for the Trodat Printy, these are Printy 4910, 4911, 4912 and for the Trodat Professional, these are numbers such as 5200, 5203, etc. To get an overview of which date stamps we offer, you can also enter the word date stamp in the search field, for example.

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Find replacement material for stamps

You already have a stamp and are looking for a replacement ink pad for your existing stamp model, or a new stamp text plate to replace yourself? Then enter your existing model in the search field above so that we can display the right stamp product for you directly. The name of the model is very important, because only the correct pads fit the stamp models.

If you buy a new stamp text plate from us, we will also send you an appropriate ink pad so that your stamp will make a clean print of the new text / image. We will show you how to change your ink pad under change stamp pad. We have also put together instructions for you on how to change a stamp text/imprinting plate yourself.

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Find stamp model by size (width x height)

If you already have a final stamp graphic (jpg, pdf etc.) and you know how large your imprint will be, you can enter the width and height in mm in the search field above and we will show you the right model from each stamp category. You can then simply decide whether you prefer a stamp with a PVC casing (e.g. Trodat Printy, Colop Printer) or a tripod stamp (e.g. Trodat Professional or Colop Expert Line).

The fact that we show you all suitable models means that you can also see the price differences between the individual stamp models - this makes it easier for you to decide whether you would prefer a durable, robust stamp or whether a simple office stamp made of PVC is sufficient.

In our design guidelines for stamp graphics we have put together for you what you need to pay attention to when designing your stamp.

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Search for stamp keywords

Enter under KEYWORDS what you are looking for and we will compile the results of our range for you. We have prepared certain stamp impressions for you as standard stamps, so that you do not have to design them any more.

We have ready-made 'fixed' stamp templates, as well as stamp templates which you can customize according to your wishes. So you can search for stamp print texts like COPY, RECEIVED, ABACUS etc., but also for template groups like exam stamp, doctor's stamp and so on.

We are also happy to receive suggestions from you if you think there is something in our stamp assortment that we do not yet offer.

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